4 creative ideas for your website

In this post we will discuss 4 creative ideas that intend to make your new website more specific and unique.

4 creative ideas for your website

Nowadays, it is almost impossible to create a totally distinct website, which consists only of unique tools, with the proliferation of websites. The chance that your potential customers have already seen certain features elsewhere is quite high.
However, this does not mean that you have to resign. This should be an additional incentive for you, as an entrepreneur, to create a website that will run off the screen.

1. User generated content

Content, content and content again. As an entrepreneur, you’ve probably heard a hundred times that your website needs to be full of this. However, it is possible that you may not have heard about user-generated content. Thus, it’s important to reuse photos, videos, and other elaborations of your customers on your website. Suppose you’re an appetizer provider and a customer posts a photo with them on Instagram. Interact with this and inspire the target group.

2. “How to” pages

Scissors, lunch boxes and bicycles are examples of products that require just a little explanation. But if you are a supplier of more complex products, you do not want to let customers “drown”. This is why it may be a good idea to have “How To” pages on your website. Using illustrations or short videos, you can, for example, explain how to assemble a fence or what you should pay attention to when building a pool. These pages can also generate organic traffic as others struggle with the same question.

3. Add interactive elements

Websites are generally static pages, but you can improve this by adding interactive elements. It is clear that a colored button draws attention to it, but as soon as the cursor moves over the button, and its color becomes lighter, it leads to highlighting the button even more. Or, for example, a dog that appears through pictures on a pet product website, or a chat feature that appears as soon as you open your contact page are simple interactive elements that already do a lot.

4. Implement a 360-degree video of your product or office.

Do you always like to click on any street in Google Maps and then look around? Nowadays, there are 360-degree cameras available, with which you can take such photos or videos yourself. By making a 360-degree video of your work environment or product, you give your potential customer just a little more perspective than just a product photo, which is something to think about!

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4 ideas:

  • User generated content
  • “How to” pages
  • Interactive elements
  • 360-degree video